Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday....

Again, sorry it has been a few days. Not a whole lot to write about. I have been busy working on Orphan Update Reports and training EOH Volunteers, so life has been busy but somewhat uneventful, haha.

Sunday we rested, which was lovely. Mary Leslie and I spent some time at a little café which was so beautiful and we also did a bit of shopping at a market. Chelsea and Jessica K were also with us while shopping.

Monday we stayed in the office and worked. Some of the team went out and did visitations, but a few of us were not feeling well, so we took the afternoon off. I slept basically the entire day, laying down at 1:00 and sleeping until 4:45 and then going back to bed around 9:00 and sleeping until 7:00 in the morning. I have felt much better today.

Today we went out to Chongwe and visited two of the My Father’s House homes that I actually helped build last year. It is incredible to see children in them now…they look SOOOO wonderful. A little girl today just stayed by me all day today- her name is Espina and she is five. Absolutely precious.

Anyways, we helped today training EOH Volunteers who will be the teachers/translators at Camp Hope. Camp Hope is coming up in two weeks, so we are getting ready for that.

Besides our list of things we have been doing, I am spiritually growing a lot and the Lord is speaking very clearly to me. It is incredible what I have been missing in the last few months, even just not allowing my ears to be open to truly hearing Christ’s voice. It is incredible.

I love it here so much. Today we had a binge eating day, where we devoured lots of cookies and chips, and my stomach is telling me I probably shouldn’t have done that, haha.

Well anyways, if you run into my mom or dad make sure to say happy anniversary!!!! It is their 25th and that sure is a milestone. Just ask them and I’m sure they’ll tell you how incredible that is, having made it almost 20 years with me as a daughter--- hah!

Well, sorry I don’t have any incredible stories or anything super great! Know that I am thankful for your continued support and am looking forward to writing again soon!

Love and in Christ,


casa da poesia said...

"Negema wangu binti"

anne said...

Twenty years with you is just the BEGINNING of the wonderful, special memories we will have with you! I love you, Sophie! Mom

Patti said...

What your mom said!!! When you're a mom you'll understand better! Keep doing what you're doing Sophie!

Raychel Manko said...

I love that you got to see the My Fathers House homes that we built! That's so awesome! And I love reading about how God is using you, speaking to you, and just what He is doing in Zambia! Love you Soph!


Karen said...

Sophie, Sophie, you are an inspiration! I just finished reading your comments and I'm amazed. We miss you but know you're where you should be! You are a blessing to us and The Lord!
Stay safe and know Grams and Gramps H love you dearly!!