Saturday, June 6, 2009

may your kingdom come...

I will begin by saying that words utterly fail me. I almost think it is too early to even be writing about what I experienced today, but I also know that it is a blessing for me to deliver to you news and updates as to how my time is being spent and what the Lord is doing. So, forgive me, and know that words indeed, may never be sufficient.

Today, Mary Leslie, Katie and I did visitations in Kalingalinga. Kalingalinga is the town which we live in, and also has four large divisions between compounds where the sponsored children are located. We met Margaret (OVCC Coordinator for Kalingalinga) at the EOH office this morning, and headed out to visit six children.

There were so many incredible stories, however, I cannot even remember enough to write about most of them, because only one stands at the forefront of my mind. Particularly, this encounter was with a 16 year old girl named Esther, her little sister named Zalelapi and their widowed mother.

We were welcomed into their home, graciously. Esther had been waiting for a visit soon, and she was very excited that we were there. By their welcoming, I was already touched.
We asked Esther questions just as we are supposed to for our sponsorship update responsibilities, however, the moment she began talking, I knew this would be different. I knew from the moment I laid eyes on her, that my life wouldn’t be the same when it was time to leave that home. I sit here in tears now able to recognize that I indeed, will never be the same.
I will try to explain as I have in my journal:

The room was dark, a slight breeze moving across the room. A corner of sunlight, a patch of warmth- present in their home. On a chair I sat, with lace and garments - Esther next to me - mother and sister on the floor. I looked around. I breathed in, and breathed out. I listened to her voice, while out of the corner of my eye, noticing the lingering spirit of the little one on the floor. Mother got up - left to tend to something. We talked. Words escaped her mouth claiming a truth that I have yet to wrap my mind and spirit around; “I cannot even consider myself an orphan,” she says. “ I have Him (Jesus), and you are here. You are looking out for me- Jesus is my father.” My heart left shaken- strength beyond measure.

She began to cry. I followed, lifting this precious child up to Jesus himself. He came. Jesus walked into the room, and held onto this child - his very own. As we continued to pray, my eyes were opened to see a child on the floor, lame- unable to walk, also a daughter of our Mighty King. It was Jesus himsel who prompted me to stand, to sit, and to place her on my
lap - cradling her in the comfort of His holy name.

I held her; Zalelapi. Thirteen years- her size that of an 8 year old. Her legs twisted, her ankles loose- her gaze-straight ahead. Her body tense and chilled, a result of her position on the concrete. I moved my fingers along her back, and neck. She attempted every turn to look into my eyes, but managed only once to meet- that, my Father knew, was enough.

Longing. Her limbs- lifeless- yet her spirit- on fire. Her eyes- transparent; an outcast, bearing pain. Her body longing- to run and to leap; her spirit trodden. I lifted each leg, dead. I cupped each ankle and each small knee in my hand, wondering how this could be. How could such a tender child, suffer a life of burden. My mind, unable to comprehend this type of pain.
We moved into a spirit of prayer, of healing, for this child. The room was dark, but the presence of the Spirit lingered. The light, previously cornered, now illuminated the entire room. A hope- Jesus Christ.

I cannot write any more - my spirit unable to continue. If I have ever seen Jesus, it was in reaching this child, that His love was made known. If I have ever believed in Christ as our Lord, I have not truly understood until today. If I have ever claimed Christ’s love as my own, I’ve been naive. If I have ever experienced humility, it was nothing. If I have ever been dependant on the Lord, it was nothing. Nothing compared to the dependency fostered in me today.
Jesus Christ, my divine romance, lives.

All of us today, encountered Jesus- living in the lives of these two girls - Esther and Zalelapi. As for Zalelapi, there is no fear or doubt in my mind that this small child will run and leap someday.

This is all I can share for now, for I am much to tired to try to write anymore.
Much love, in Him.


Patti said...

WOW! God is good - all the time.

All the time - God IS good!

Dad said...

Sophie - You and the team are truly encouraging all of us who are staying up to date via your blog. God is doing work not only in Zambia, but also in many other places...including our individual hearts! We love you! Dad

Theresa S said...

Sophie - I can read the words in all your blogs and I am in awe. Thank you for sharing your experiences as you continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus. In prayer for you as allow the Holy Spirit to work in you every moment you are there.