Sunday, August 10, 2008

6 days left.....

wowzer. it's been a few weeks since I wrote last. no one prolly noticed though, haha, but hey, it's cool. anyways- wow- so much has happened in the last few weeks. one of the main exciting things in these past weeks was that i was able to visit two of my dearly beloveds in Louisville, Kentucky (Aly & Gianna who went to Zambia with me) and it was so incredible. Being able to surprise Gianna and just spending time with them and their families was really wonderful! Man alive- I sure missed them.

While I was there, one night I sat in a park next to Aly and we looked out onto the Ohio river. The water was lit up by the reflections of the street and bridge lights, and it was beautiful. As I watched cars pass over the bridge, I tapped into something I feel that God has been trying to teach me. Each car came into sight, passed, and then left my sight. The amount of time on the bridge wasn't long- but it was very important- necessary- to get to the other side.

In our walks with Christ, time is little, yet it is what we are given- right here, right now. It is important, completely necessary, to be found in Christ for eternity.

I watched a car pass over without its lights on. The car still made it to the other side- but her lights didnt shine. As a follower of Jesus, I can still spend eternity with Him without truly making a conscious decision each morning to be a light for Him- but is that really how I want to live? The answer to that is, no, absolutely not.

As a new school year comes around the corner, I am very excited to live with my lights on. I'm excited to wake up each morning and devote the time God has given me here, on this bridge, to shine HIS LIGHT. I'm so excited to live fully, have fun, breathe deeply, and learn to enjoy even the small pleasures of this place. I am excited to seek His face in all things, and find amongst the continual ticking of the clock, that each day I have a choice- to be a light- or to not.

Shine, Jesus, Shine.