Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Two days ago, Mary Leslie shared with me a verse that continues to linger in my heart and mind; 2 Corinthians 8:14 which says,

At the present time your plenty will supply what they
need, so that in turn their plenty will supply what you need.

This verse speaks to the flawless plan of our Mighty King, Jesus Christ. The perfection and complete truth of this verse that is reflected in my daily experiences here in Zambia is difficult to describe. As Mary Leslie wrote in the margin of my bible, “ As we are physically wealthy, we give to the poor (money, food, visits, physical things, etc.) and in turn they give back to us their spiritual wealth. As we give to them, we are not depleted.” Just as the verse says, my plenty supplies what they need, and in turn, their plenty supplies what I need. Looking from an eternal perspective, contradictory to Earthly measures, I am fully aware that I am the one labeled as, “poor.”

Well, today really was a great day. We spent the morning and early afternoon in Chongwe again, training Camp Hope teachers and also spending time with the children in the My Father’s House homes. Today the children’s faces were radiating the love of the Lord.

Espina. Bianca. Two treasured daughters of the Kingdom of God.

Espina. I wrote a bit about yesterday. She’s five, absolutely adorable, and very shy. The last two days she has worn a pair of blue cotton pants and a light purple Whinnie the Pooh shirt. She is so precious. Espina is very tender and very snuggly. She knows little English, but that, in all honesty, hinders nothing. She loves giving butterfly kisses and she likes it when I tickle her and kiss her little cheeks. She almost always giggles a bit.

Anyways, as soon as we got off the bus today she made her way right to me. She put her arms up indicating that she wanted me to pick her up. With the little that she knows about me, she sure seems to know how to put a smile on my face.

This morning was chilly so I wrapped my fleece coat around her as I held her. She put her head right into my shoulder, and just rested. I cradled her little body close to mine, and experienced something similar to last year - I didn’t ever want to let go. To even just try to imagine all this little child has gone through- all that she has seen, heard, lost- I cannot even begin to imagine. All I want to do is just be with her, all the time, loving her and holding her. It was much harder today to wave goodbye through the bus window, than it was yesterday. I cannot wait to see her again.

Bianca. My little B. Oh, she is just the cutest thing. I think she is 4, but am not totally sure. Thinking of ways to describe B, hmm…’s hard. Her little cheeks and her cute little smile just radiate the light and love of the Lord. Her giggle is contagious and her tender touch is incredible.

Each time I pick B up, the first thing she does is squeeze her legs so tight around my waist. Immediately after, she looks straight into my eyes, and places her hands on my face. She moves her hands over my hair, feeling the smooth silky texture that is so foreign to her. She clings closer every minute. I hold her tight, she tilts her head and smiles. Each time I say, “Hi Bianca, Hey Little B!” her teeth sneak out from behind her little smirk.

I think she loves it when I call her B. Anytime that she is playing and I see her, I call her name, she runs and leaps into my outstretched arms. It is the most precious thing. Her skirt hiked up high on her belly makes her that much cuter. Her little fingers caressing my skin as she gazes into my eyes- she also knows how to make me smile.

There were many other things that put a smile on my face today- many blessings from God through these little children. Mary Leslie and this little boy were making goofy faces for so long today. It was absolutely hilarious. Every time I think about it I just start cracking up.

Well, I actually need to head off to bed. Tomorrow early in the morning, Mary Leslie and I will be headed out of town to Kitwe for the next five days. I am bringing my computer, however most likely there will not be internet. I will make sure to keep writing, so that when I do have access, I can upload all of the blog posts.

Well, hope all is well.

Love love love!
Rejoice, for the Love of Jesus can be seen on each and every child’s face.


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Dad said...

Sophie - Mom and I just read your latest update! So you have another little friend named "B" just like your friend "B"ianca Harmon! You will have to tell Plainwell "B" about Zambia "B"...We love you and continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers! XOXO Mom & Dad