Saturday, June 6, 2009


Sorry it has been a while- life is crazy busy here on this side of the world! Wednesday we spent out second day in the village of Chawawa. Gloria (our OVCC (Orphans Victorious in Christ Coordinator)) came to the EOH office in the morning and we took the bus to Chawama. When we arrived we split up into two groups, mine led by Gloria, and three other coordinators.

The first child that we visited was a small boy named Maurice. Maurice is 7 years old and is in school. He is very smart, well versed in English, and someday wants to be a pastor. He is receiving very good marks in school, however when we visited, he was out of school for health struggles. Maurice seemed very ill, and his physical appearance showed illness (very thin and sores all along his mouth and nose). We were able to ask Maurice about his experience at Camp Hope and his response served as an immediate encouragement to me. His response reflected his joy in learning the word of God. Again, he is only 7. This is incredible.

The biggest blessing of the day was indeed during our visit with Maurice. We were invited to sit in his home by his aunt and we enjoyed our time with him there. After we had spent our time there, we offered to pray for Maurice. My dear friend Mary Leslie held out her hands for his frail little body to sit in her lap. To see the look on his face - to see the tenderness of her touch- to hear the prayerful cry from her lips - to see the tears in his auntie’s eyes - to see Mary’s hands as she cradled his little body - all of this , just as Jesus would do. This is still a precious picture painted in my mind.

The rest of the day we spent visiting other children in Chawama. Many of the stories were very encouraging, while some were also very hard. We had a good time, however, we were rushed out of there because we had to be back for dinner at Martha’s (Zambian EOH Coordinator).
We had dinner at Martha’s and this was the first time we were able to see her. She and her husband just had a baby boy named Josiah, a month ago. It was very good to see them! We had a time of questions where we could just ask about our time here, and she helped out a lot. I am still amazed at the hospitality of Zambians- it’s is so wonderful!

That was Wednesday!

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