Monday, June 1, 2009

Sunday recap..

This morning we went to Northmead Assemblies of God for church., where Cypheen attends each week. The service began at 7:00am and ended at 11:00am. It was wonderful! There is no doubt in my mind that I have missed the way that Zambians worship. It is incredible - unlike anything else.

The Pastor delivered a very intimate message about humility and commitment to Christ. At the beginning of the service, three small children came up to the front to pray for the congregation. Forgive me, I have no words to describe this blessing.

The first Zambian child that I met today was at this church. She looked to be about three years old and her father was extremely friendly. I began to talk with him and then bent down to be level with his small child. Before I could even greet her, her father said, “Sophie, say hello.” I looked back up at him, a bit confused, and then recognized that this little child and I shared the same name. After I shared with Sophie’s father that my name was also Sophie, he looked at me and said, “You know Sophie, the name Sophie means wisdom.” I was immediately blessed and found it to be quite ironic.

I have found that so much of this entire experience speaks true humility. I am very much seeing the blessing of this, aligning with the word given to me from the Lord when I was first offered this internship, which revolved around the His desire to preserve in me the humility of a servant. To see the Lord continuing to pursue this preservation in me is humbling in itself.
After church, we exchanged currencies and then went to the market. I found a few things, but due to the fact that some of them are gifts, I will refrain from sharing exactly what those items are. We then went out for lunch to a Pizzeria, which we are planning to do each Sunday (if we are here). The walk was about a mile each way, and we discovered a few grocery markets as well.

We came back for a while to our house and spent some time writing and thinking. I am still in awe that I am here, however, it feels so much like home.

We finally were able then to go out to one of the My Father’s House homes to play with the children. It was such a blessing to spend time with Toco, Faith, Given, Charles, George, Limbosi, and Moses, mostly because I spent some time with them last year. Faith really remembered me and I immediately noticed how tall she had gotten since last year. We were both full of smiles. It was fun reuniting, singing familiar songs in Bemba and Nianja (Languages-spelling could be off???) Oh, what a blast.

On the way home, I just once again, fell in love with Zambia. I love walking down the streets, meeting so many people and greeting them with my American version of “Ulibwaji” which means “Hi, how are you” I love to see the smiles of the children, and the people, it truly reflects the presence of Jesus here.

One last blessing before I wrap it up- while walking home I ran into Mama Christi. For those of you who have heard about my trip last year, I spent an entire day with her, washing and cleaning, and listening to her story. When I saw her and called out her name, she ran to me and literally almost tackled me. She held me so tight and cradled my head with her hands. She kissed me on the cheek and seemed to be in disbelief that I was back. My eyes filled with tears, knowing that I will be able to see her regularly, because she lives about 100 yards away. I just love this!

Well, we are about to wrap up and eat dinner. We had an awesome time of prayer and the Lord continues to draw me close.

I rejoice.
Love you all!
P.S. A man proposed to me today. No worries, I said no. J


Samantha said...

And who is this man proposing to my sister? :)

dianaj said...

Ahhh I got chills when I read about the little girl you met at church, Sophie!

Breaking hearts already Soph!