Monday, June 1, 2009

monday afternoon....

Hi Hi Hi! It is Monday here and today has been quite the day. We began by getting up early and heading over to the EOH office. At the EOH office, we met more of the Zambian EOH Staff and began with worship and devotions. Afterwards, Patricia taught us how to use the public transportation system, and we went to Kamwala. We went to a few fabric stores to pick out some fabric to have a dress made. My fabric is a deep sage green color, with a light blue pattern and design on it.

After getting our fabric, we went to a tailor where our measurements were taken and then picked out the style of the dress. Mine will be a traditional dress, with three quarter length sleeves. I am excited. Mama will be picking them up for us from the tailor tomorrow.

Coming back, we rode the public transportation again. Oh, it is quite lovely. A typical Zambian bus should hold about 10-12 people, and usually there are at least 16 packed in. It sure makes for a good time. On the way back, Patricia told us what all of the people had been saying while we were in town. Besides the usual shout, “Mzungu” which means “white and rich” she shared with us that we were each invited to Livingstone with many men and that many of them were requesting us as their wives. This is hilarious to me.

Okay, well we have been out of power now for a while, and we just got power back(the Zambians are used to losing power for a few hours a day,but it has been many many months since they have lost if for this long. They are shocked by this outage.)

We don’t have regular internet now, so I am not sure when I will be able to get on. We have realized the importance of flexibility, and have been blessed by being forced to simplify and rely on the Lord.

Wow, so many things going on that I would love to share, but I only have about 2 minutes.
So, be blessed. Thank you for the prayers!

In Christ,

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Dad said...

Sophie - I love reading your updates! It is so exciting to follow your think you met another Sophie so early on your journey! wow! Praise God! I love you! Dad p.s. Pastor John mentioned you during service yesterday!