Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

Well today is such a wonderful day to be alive, isn't it? I woke up so early this morning with a heart ready to worship- and what an awesome feeling that is at 6am :)

Anyways, as I have spent the last few days "debriefing" (if you will) from my big trip, I have still yet to come up with the words to explain the state of my heart. I struggle to find the ability to communicate, and so until that time, I choose to refrain from going into major details. With that being said, I still want to give somewhat of an update, so here:

While in Africa, we worked alongside a wonderful organization (run by 4 amazing people) called Every Orphan's Hope. Rather than me explaining it in full, you can go to their website, which is everyorphanshope.org. Basically, the mission that EOH has is to reach the orphans in Zambia, by providing them Bible Camps, Sponsorships, and Homes to live in.

So our first week we held a Bible Camp in Kafue, Zambia. There were roughly 250-300 orphans there, I believe. We were placed into groups with three missionary leaders and a Zambian Partner. My Group consisted of Me, Chelsea & Michelle (missionaries), Lassie (Zambian Partner), and 14 beautiful young ladies ranging from 10-13 years old. We spent 6 days with them, beginning at roughly 8 in the morning until 5 at night, with a lunch break somewhere in between. They also were housed in the same facility at night, but due to us having other activities, we weren't able to spend too much time with them outside of actual camp hours. Over the course of the week at "Camp Hope," we shared with the kids stories and lessons from the Bible on 4 basic things: Truth, Faith, Hope, and Love. We were able to present the gospel to each child, and share the love of Jesus with them through our words, actions, and most importantly, love. We built extremely wonderful and strong relationships with these kids, and became very attached to them.

Throughout the rest of our trip, we did day camp ministries. Some were sports camps, some were Bible Camps, some were just day trips to schools and talking and playing with the kids. It was hard though, because many of us were constantly thinking about our Camp Hope Kids, and wishing we could be with them still. Aside from that, we also spent a few days building a home for orphans, and we also had a few days to do some other things.

Well, I think that's all for now. I had an amazing time and now I am working on some scrapbooking and possibly making some picture slideshows. I would love to share more, but many of the things I experienced are very difficult to communicate, especially via computer.

Anyways, have a BLESSED day! God is sooo good!
Love you all!
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in Him,

Phil 4:13- I can do ALL things through CHRIST who strengthens me!

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