Wednesday, July 9, 2008


things are hittin here pretty hard right about now. culture shock is majorly setting in, and i am missing everything so much. there is so much i love and know here, but, well it seems like lots of it doesnt really matter. so many things that i have here, are just unnecessary. i like things simple. i enjoy things much differently than most- and I really hadn't realized this until i was actually gone.

babbling, sorry.
i love it here, it's just, i want to be back over there.

take a moment to go brighten someone else's day!
and you, yourself, have a wonderful day.

Jesus loves us!

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Marcus said...

comfort and complacency are so so blinding. Its a slow process, forgetting how the vast majority of the world lives, like a veil slowly pulled over your eyes. Its a stark contrast, where you were and where you are now. But love the sinner and hate the sin, right? There are sooo many needs, even here. Its a different context, but we gotta ask the Lord how to minister where we are. I cant wait to hear more about your trip