Thursday, July 9, 2009

my piece...

Despite the many things on my mind that I would like to share, the Lord has particularly laid on my heart to post something that I wrote in my journal a while back. In all honesty, I am not sure why, and acutally, I wrote this piece with the intentions of not sharing it. Although this is not necessarily what I want to write, I cannot ignore the presence of His quiet whisper. I hope that this writing, entitled, "my piece" serves as a blessing to you.

"my piece"

i arise with a timid spirit.
the sun awakens and i begin longing- longing for home.
i aimlessly wander, clinging to Him- my creator.
i step with strides of fear, eyes scanning the empty horizon.
the depths of my soul, hungry; the weight on my heart, heavy.
i crave words, pinpointing each breath.
i have nothing.

a tiny figure becomes visible.
despite storms of dust and plagues of distraction-
my eyese fix on one thing; a child.
no longer do i long for home- for home is just ahead.

physically, i hold back, allowing the shadowed figure to draw near.
yet my spirit, alive and restless-
i yearn for the gaze of this precious child to reach my own.
finally, eyes meet and i am found- lost in Christ himself.

her tiny frame stands still- fearfully trapped.
i bend down and extend my hand.
as i reach out, this small child begins forward
her every step reflecting the faith to move mountains.

soon she rests in the warmth of my arms.
my spirit, complete- here i am home.
no longer do i aimlessly wander, no longer my soul starved.

as i gaze upon her precious beauty, i am aware of one thing-
Christ's love alone.
the curves of her face, the grip of her hand leave three words on my lips:

"thank you, daddy"

this is where i am. this place, home. every day- one small child.
beginning as a tiny figure, distant and cold-
ending as a precious daughter, near and warm.

this tiny frame is Jesus himself-
who am I to touch him every day?

1 comment:

nicole lacroix said...

this is so beautiful!
you are an artist!
i have been missing you so much!
yesterday at LVC i turned to hattie & said, "i miss sophie!" she shook her head in agreement!
bless you!
love you!