Friday, June 19, 2009

oh today was quite incredible.
it began with the official opening ceremony for the My Father's House Orphan Homes in Chongwe village.
it ended with strawberry, green apple, and blue raspberry airheads. yum.
in between these events, i experienced an incredible amount of joy, peace, confidence, and excitement.

I will just recap on a few things:

Espina. Bianca. Lista. Catherine.
These little ones, I just cannot get enough. The sound of their precious giggles continues to bring warmth to my inmost being. The tenderness of their touch lingers on my skin. The joy in their hearts, engraved in my mind.

Another experience that I cannot get enough of. Sitting on the porch with Cypheen, with guitar in hand, singing. Looking at the sky, the sunset, the horizon. Feeling the breeze. Precious melodies, with harmonies weaving in and out. The chords. Beautiful. Singing to Jesus. Blessing.

Aly. Gianna. Mikey. It's been almost a year. Excitement. I've been longing for this moment.

Short Term New-Be Arrival
Talking with them. Sharing the blessings of this place. Hearing their stories. Answering questions. Encouraging. The Lord has called His people - this will be incredible.

i think this is enough for now. im exhausted.
many blessings in Christ Jesus,


brytt said...

I love reading your blog Soph!!! I cannot wait to see pictures of all these amazing places and cute kids! Praying for you!!

Mama Tredway said...

So glad Aly is with you for a brief period of time. You are always good for her soul!! Love you...Mama Tredway