Wednesday, May 27, 2009

texas, training, and tons of fun....

Hi everyone!
Well, made it down to Frisco, Texas yesterday afternoon. Arrived around 2:00 pm and spent the afternoon hanging out with the other interns and getting to know some of the staff at Every Orphan's Hope (the organization I am interning for). We checked into a hotel (very modern- for those of you familiar with City View in Holland, it is much like that). We then went to a Texas BBQ for dinner and then went bowling. You will be happy to know that I bowled a 123 haha. Then we had some ice was great.

Slept awful last night. Not sure if it is just being excited or what, but I was happy when 5:00 am rolled around and it was time for a bit of exercise. I went down to the workout room in our hotel and broke a little sweat (Dad can appreciate that, since we worked out in the mornings together for the last few days before I left ).

We went to IHOP for breakfast to begin our day of training. We met in a big conference room and basically went over intern responsibilities and the basics for our time in Zambia. It was pretty long, but is nice to finally know some specifics to our ministry. Some of the things that we briefly went over were our roles in facilitiating Camp Hope, our roles in the My Fathers House Oprhan Homes, and what we will be doing with the Sponsorship program. All sound quite delightful.

Anyways, then we went to one of Gary's friends houses, where we had pizza and just had some fun. It really was nice, and I feel so very blessed to be so welcomed here. Everyone is so completely supportive of what the Lord has called us to this summer, and there is nothing more comforting.

Well..tomorrow is the day. We will be getting up and discussing intern responsibilities further, and then departing for the airport tomorow around 2. Our flight to London takes of tomorrow at 5:30 pm, and then we arrive in London at 8:40 in the morning. We have the entire day to spend in London then (which will be Friday) and then we leave from there in the evening for Zambia.

Sooo...not sure when I will write next, but hopefully I will be able to write soon and I will definitely put up some pictures from London! Soo..better get going! Miss you all! Hope all is well.


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MsCh0c0halic said...

Hey Soph! Be sure to write as much as you can while you're away, I really want to hear whats going on during your trip. I miss you loads!
<3 Sof