Saturday, May 30, 2009

Finally in Zambia!

Hiiiiii! You will be happy to know that I have made it safe and sound to Lusaka. Oh it is so beautiful here, I cannot even describe.

The flight was wonderful from London to Lusaka. I sat by two beautiful Zambian women who served as such an incredible blessing for my journey over. Both of these women were true gifts from the Lord. Conversation flowed so naturally, reminding me of my love for these sweet sweet people. Their gentle spirits and outward calmness reminded me of what it is I truly love about this place.

Time, is nothing here. Sounds weird I know, but already in the 7 hours that I have been here, I am on no sort of schedule- I am at such peace - despite my exhaustion. I feel no pressures to be doing anything other than taking it in- the reality that I am here- the reality that this is home.

When we left the airport after arriving at about 6:40am this morning, tears filled my eyes as I filed onto the ever so familiar LSK bus with the other interns. Some of them have been to Zambia and enjoying with me the delight of return, while some enjoying the beauty of a first visit. All together, I could just see the tears in each persons eyes, and if not there, the sheer blessing in each one of our hearts. I cannot explain.

I began to write a piece this morning. I didn't finish, but I spose I'll share it at this point:

The Zambian soil is so familiar- the smell as it brushes by my nose, leaves me lingering- eager for more.
I cannot help but take my shoes off…to feel that ground - hard and dry, yet so full of life, energizing me through the bare soles of my feet.

Oh, how I honestly love this place. Somewhere inside, it’s much more than just a destination. It’s home - not really - not at all - but somehow that is how I associate this place. Familiar ground. I’m finally here, finally returned to such a beautiful place. Oh, it’s quite lovely.

It truly is incredible to…..
be here.
It honsetly is everything that I desire.
Sometimes I'm scared. Sometimes I'm weak and weary. Sometimes I am confident and strong.
Above all though, I am always growing. I am always drawing closer to my Father in Heaven. I am always growing in my full dependancy on Him. I am always seeing more and more of His provision, his love, and his grace.
Well, a Zambian woman named Patricia just got here. I will be spending the evening with her, learning to cook some Zambian delights.
Love you all.
In Him,

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Dad said...

Sophie - glad to learn you are in Zambia after some wonderful time in Dallas and London. PHS beat GL 3-2 to win the District Championship and your sister played a great game. Thinking of you and praying God will use you in big ways to advance His Kingdom while in Zambia. Love, Dad